Teen Reach Adventure Camp

Providing a hope and a future for teens in the local Norman, Oklahoma area.

Teen Reach Adventure Camp

We exist to improve and enhance the lives of at-risk youth, now and in the future, by helping them to develop teamwork skills, trust, self-value and respect for others.

Strategy & Vision


To serve at-risk youth across the nation and around the globe.


The Vision of TRAC will be established and accomplished through a collaboration of state services division, willing people with hearts for troubled teens, and creative fund-raising projects and grant writing.

Every year, abused teens are put into the foster care system or worse — end up on the streets as part of our homeless population. At TRAC Norman, we provide hope through camping and mentoring programs designed especially for these youth. The programs of TRAC take into account the issues surrounding adolescence, but more importantly the issues that surround youth who have been abused, abandoned and neglected and who many times reside in foster care. One of the core principles of Teen Reach is to provide a non-judgmental experience. We strive to achieve this at our two gender-specific camps each summer. Adults 20 and over can be a part of this life-changing camp by filling out an application. 


We had a great time at TRAC 2024! 2025 Applications will open early next spring.